Hi, my name is Mara Seifert.

I was born on November the 27th in Wanne-Eickel. You can find this "town" somewhere in the middle of Germany. Now it is called Herne.I'm about 1,68 m tall. I thing that is about 5' 6'' (please correct me if I'm wrong).I live in a small village called Wattenscheid - Günnigfeld since 27 Years. I live here with my parents and my dog Alice, a german Shepherd.

1993/94 I've lived at the states for one year (Arlington, Virginia). I've lived as an Au-Pair with an american/german family. They have a german bakery, the Heidelberg Pastry Shoppe.If you get there by change, take a look and enjoy the delicous bread, rolls, cookies and everything else they have to offer. During my stay I passed my high-school diploma. But since Germany is a strange country, the don't accept this and I had to attend evening class to get my german abitur.

IDK am I a DAU because I don't understand a thing? AFAIK a can find help at the FAQ, but will there be an answer? NAA! Never knowing what they say? Senseless letters? Just click and solve the mystery.

Is there something you want to let me know? Feel free to write a mail



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