Vindy in Nauders

Vindy died on June the 29th due to Bone marrow cancer.
Thank you for a much to short but nevertheless wonderful time.
I will never forget you!!!!

Hallo, my name is Vindy. I am a grey German Shepherd and was born on March 05 1998 at an animal shelter in Gelsenkirchen Erle. Since May 17 1998 I live with Mara.

After Mara and I started training at the SV-OG-Bismarck we completed the Companion Dog test on November 13 1999. Now we train for Schutzhund 1. Therefore I have to do tracking. We also do a little bit of Agility.

At the moment we do something new. Mara stands next to me and if I move in a certain direction she makes a funny clicking noise and I get some really delicious food. Mara calls it clicker-training, but I call it easy extra food.

My hobbies are to run after a ball or a stick, to play around with my dog friends, to go for a swim, to join Mara on a walk or riding bike. I just love to be outside.

Sometimes, if Mara has lots of time, we go to the zoo, but there are only a few zoos that allow dog to have a look around.

I don`t like being combed or to take a bath and I definitly hate to go to the vet.

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